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We use PayAdvantage for our payment processing service. PayAdvantage is Australian owned and 100% Australian operated.

PayAdvantage hosted checkout service means, we will never see your credit card details, and any information you provide to the service is verified for our security. PayAdvantage hosted checkout service complies with the Australian Financial Securities Standard, meaning your personal information is secured with the best encryption software available on the market.

Hyper BMW PowerSports does not accept Direct Deposit payments, Cheques, or Money Orders. If you are suffering financial hardship, please consider if buying a performance product is the right choice for you. PayAdvantage and Hyper do not issue refunds for unwanted goods. We do not accept 'Cash on pickup'.

PayAdvantage offer a "Payment installment" service on checkout, we treat this as a LayBuy service. You will NOT receive any goods until full payment is received. PayAdvantage does not settle the transaction until full value is paid, therefore we can not complete your order until you have completed payment.

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ARTracks is a Trading Name operating under the Hyper BMW PowerSports brand which is an ASIC Registered Business and operates under the governance of public ABR rules and regulations. This site does not store cookie information, or private checkout information. If you wish to discuss any security concerns with us, please use the contact us link above.
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